Baseball Class|1day school for parents ~ Baseball class for parents and coaches was held!

Parents also practice! ?

The other day, there was a baseball class called "1day school for parents" that was announced in our web magazine! Kyushu Baseball Academy ① Sponsor: Kyushu Baseball Academy Cooperation: Meiji Co., Ltd. This groundbreaking project allows parents and coaches to actually experience a baseball class! In order to support athletes not only in practical skills but also in nutritional aspects, Meiji Co., Ltd. invited a registered dietitian to hold a full-scale workshop! 1day school for parents ① 1day school for parents ② We at also bring bamboo bats for boys! I helped out with this classroom! 1day school for parents ④ I would like to continue to support such wonderful projects in the future. Thank you very much to the teachers and people involved in the Kyushu Baseball Academy!