Baseball Souvenirs, Marriage Souvenirs|How about baseball souvenirs in your marriage "gift"? !

Make baseball souvenirs a gift!

At a wedding reception, "gift items" are indispensable as gifts to attendees, but recently, large and heavy "gift items" are often used as luggage for avoiding exaggerated gifts. It seems that it has become. Even so, I still want to give presents to the attendees in commemoration of their marriage. Last year, there was a wedding that expressed our feelings as "modest, but solid!" The groom is an active player of a strong team who competes in baseball against the city. A reception where most of the attendees are baseball players. A small "baseball memorial" was very useful for such a special reception! That is the "5 cm mini bat." Wedding Gifts, Gifts, Mini Butts, Seat Tags Appearing as a "seat" at each table, this little bat has the name of each attendee engraved on it! I don't think there are any attendees who do not bring back such special tickets. Original ticket WP

Original ticket ②WP

The "5cm mini bat" played the role of a "gift" firmly! We sincerely thank the bride and groom for using the baseball souvenir in this way. Would you like to use your own souvenirs and baseball souvenirs as gifts? ⇒For more information about baseball souvenirs and wedding souvenirs, check the website of!
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