Wagyu JB|your hands on it. Wagyu JB grab ⑤ ~outfielder for

outfielder designed for Wagyu JB grab appeared!

Wagyu JB grab the team you want to purchase. So order baseball around the well.
The first is the infielder of the players Wagyu JB began to use the pitcher, and outfielder to. At least one team in the Wagyu JB good spread and I heard,really was.
Purchased from time to time,its softness, and sticking to a hand touch,the other grabs and the overwhelming difference you can feel, the Wagyu JB it.
Grab care of constantly from the players as a difference that. Why the differences actually make use see.
Well, this time to introduce Wagyu JB,outfielder manufactured for the grab.

Wagyu JB brand:JB-007~outfielder for

■outfielder for grabs
■applications: rigid for
■material: Miyazaki Wagyu leather
■size:12 inches(30.5 cm) * size is approximate.
■Body color: orange/power orange/black
■the color: black
■marking color:
table leather orange:gold×black
table leather power orange:gold×black
table leather black:silver / gold
■core business: double-side digital
■modus operandi race: Counter-wound
■throws right / bats left/throws for
■grab bag with
■Made in Japan

outfielder designed for the type. The pockets are deep, the size of the design, any 飛球 corresponding to the assumed. At hand center of gravity of the lightweight design, operability preeminent. The ball strength and a secure catch to achieve.

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