Baseball Souvenirs, Baseball Gifts|Graduation/Graduation Celebration/Wedding Celebration/60th Birthday Celebration ~45cm Memorial Mini Decabat~

A memorable gift-a baseball souvenir!

What are baseball souvenirs? These are items that are given as souvenirs, such as "key chains," "sign bats," and "memorial bats," that are made with the motif of baseball-related products (bats, balls, etc.).

For example,

● Commemorating the graduation of the youth baseball team.
●Memorial victory.
● A gift for the director.
● As a wedding gift.
● As a 60th birthday celebration.


There are various scenes where gifts are given. At that time, if you are given a souvenir related to your favorite baseball, you should be particularly happy! manufactures and sells many baseball souvenir items that can be used according to the purpose.

There are many products that you can feel the warmth of wood, and you can also engrave your name, team name, message, etc."My own, only one souvenir in the world"Can be made!

By the way, this time, I will introduce the "45cm Memorial Bat" (commonly known as the Mini Decabat)!

The 45cm commemorative bat (mini deca bat) is pretty cute!

● Length: 45 cm
Weight: About 1kg
● Color: natural or black
●Accessories: Wooden mini deca bat stand A uniquely shaped mini deca bat for souvenirs.
★This picture is a calm black color.

Baseball souvenirs/gifts 45cm Mini Deca Ballpark dot com

*For the black type, you can choose two character colors from gold, silver, red and white!

★This is a natural wood texture.

Baseball souvenir gift ball park dot com

Both are perfect products as special souvenirs such as wedding gifts and victory memorials.

♡ For more information on baseball souvenirs, check out the website! !

⇒Click here for the 45m Mini Decabat!

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