Baseball Monuments, Baseball Gifts | Graduating, Marriage, and Return of the Genreki: The 85cm Commemorative Bat of the Honkaku School

The Gift that's left in my heart, that's a baseball commemorative!

What's a baseball memorial? It is a gift that is presented as a commemorative item such as "key holder", "sign bat" and "commemorative bat," which are the motif of goods related to baseball (such as a bat or ball).

For example,

The youth baseball team's fainting commemoration -
The winner is the championship.
It is a gift for the director.
It is a wedding celebration.
It is a return to the 60th birthday.

There are a variety of scenes where gifts are presented.When I was given a memorial to my favorite baseball, I would be delighting!

The Ball Park Dot Com is a large number of baseball commemorative items that can be used for the purpose of use.

There are many products that can be made of wood warmth, and can be engraved with names, names, team names, and messages."Only one of the world's only monuments, one in the world."you can make it!

Now, this time, I'll introduce you to the 85-centimeter butts!


85cm commemorative Butt Baseball: A good review!

Length: 85cm
The weight of the weight is: Nachral/900g gold/1000g
Adjunct items: Bud bags containing &1.

★The bat uses a white dish, which is famous as a hardworking bat.It is a high-toned memorial bats.

Baseball Memorial Bats 85 cm Ball Park Dot Com

★Also, the Gold type is also known as a gift of marriage, with a good texture and a good texture.

Commemorative Baseball Bat (Ball)

★The bat is marked with engraved marks.You can choose the character size, the number of characters, the number of characters, and so on.

Examples of the 85cm Monument Cetticon

How are you doing?I think there are many scenes where there are many scenes, such as graduation, festive, marriages, and the celebration of the 60th birthday.I'd love to use it once.♪

For more information on baseball monuments, please check the website of !!

85 cm commemorative Butt site

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