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Wooden clock that can be stamped [easy clock] appeared!

Among the baseball memorabilia of Ball, this "easy clock" is a product that can be used as a daily necessity. As a wooden souvenir, of course you can stamp your favorite words and names. It is a very popular product as a gift.

Wooden Clock: Clock

It is characterized by a calm hue and a profound grain of wood, and has a unique texture and warmth. It is a dial of the Roman numeral which combines the bat illustration.

Wooden Clocks(3) Wooden Clocks(2)

Size: about 40cm x 25cm x 2.5cm (vertical x horizontal x thickness)

Weight: approx. 2kg

・Stamping on the top and bottom of the dial ※Please understand that the size, weight, and shape may be slightly different depending on the purchase situation.

⇒For more information on the clock, please visit the website.


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