Baseball souvenir|Graduation season has arrived! Graduation/Graduation Souvenirs-Wooden Photo Stand

Put your memories on a wooden photo stand! manufactures and sells a wide variety of baseball souvenirs, but the baseball souvenirs we introduce this time are not models of the "mini bats" and other baseball products we have introduced so far.

"Wooden photo stand"

Wooden stand

★Pedestal size: width 24.8 cm, depth 9.2 cm

★Material: (Pedestal) Wooden, (Photo part) Glass

★With solid sign ball Walnut is used for wood.

It features a calm color and a solid grain, and has a unique texture and warmth that is not bound by fashion. It has a shock-resistant property and has a solid and stable design.

You can also place accessories in the recess where you put the ball. You can also engrave in this way.

Wooden photo stand engraved example.jpg

⇒ Click here for more information on the wooden photo stand!

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