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Gifts that have "sticky"

This time, I introduce the item of itisi to the person who wants to make a little sticky in the baseball Monument and the gift of the number of the ball park. Look at the example here as a wedding gift!

Photo stand

I will open it in the photograph.

☆First, it is shaped in a box. Ball is also attached!

Baseball stand wedding gift ball ball dot com

☆Assembling like this♪

Baseball gift wedding photo stand

The ball of the accessory is set in the hollow place♪ ☆Seal is firmly!

Baseball gift wedding photo stand

Baseball park dotcom baseball memorial is very popular as the original gift because names and messages can be stamped with a laser. Why don't you give me a little gift? Please feel free to contact me as soon as possible♪

Check out the ball park dot com website for more info on photo stand!

Photo stand

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