Baseball souvenirs|From graduation and graduation to weddings and 60th birthday celebrations!

Put your thoughts on the seven balls!

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The word "graduation" is a word used several times in life. I divided it into 7 "graduations"!

1. A graduate school from a nursery school/kindergarten. 2. Elementary school graduation. (Graduate school from a youth baseball team) 3. Graduated from junior high school. (Baseball graduate) 4. High school graduate. (Baseball graduate) 5. University graduate. (Graduate baseball club) 6. Graduation from single. 7. Graduation from office work.

Isn't it a "graduation commemoration" that comes with such a turning point? Graduation and graduation celebration. Wedding gift. 60th birthday celebration. A souvenir given to celebrate "I graduate from myself". A baseball souvenir is meaningless unless it is a gift that is presented at a milestone in life. With that feeling in mind, we are working every day on production!

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