Baseball souvenirs|Introducing graduation and graduation souvenirs! You can make it even now! ~91cm Memorial Knock Butt (Gold & Red)

Knock bat appears as a souvenir!

A 91cm knock bat appears as a souvenir! The colors are "gold" and "red"! Both are happy! ! Of course you can also engrave! It's a perfect gift for a director, coach, or parents who have reached their 60th birthday.

91cm commemorative knock bat

The color is lustrous, but the finish is elegant!

91cm commemorative knock bat

・Length: 91cm

・Weight: 550g

-Character color can be black, red, silver, white, or gold.

・Material: magnolia + maple

*With acrylic bat holder

*With one bat bag

⇒For more information on the 91cm Commemorative Knockbat, please visit the website.

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