Baseball Commemorative Equipment | Graduating Anniversary Commemorative for the graduation season!

It's a very popular product in a wooden memorial.

The graduation season comes just before the start of her graduation season.There are no commemorative gifts yet to be given to the graduates or to the director!

The baseball commemorative items introduced this time are particularly popular among the baseball souvenes of the Ball Park Dot Com.


Wooden ball.

Wooden ball made of butts.The diameter of the ball is about 60mm (* 1 smaller than the real ball)

Wood Ball

The pedestal is also the type of mini-bat.

a wooden ball (3)

You can carve your favorite words or names in the ball and pedestal or minisbats! In fact, the texture of the tree became very smooth and smooth, and it was very smooth and smooth.

For more information on the wooden ball, please check the website of the ball park .

Ball Park Dot Com: Wooden Ball

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