Baseball Souvenirs|Introduction of graduation and graduation souvenirs! -You can also engrave the bat you were using! Make your bat a souvenir of baseball!

Let's leave the bat that we used all the time as a souvenir!

The baseball souvenir introduced this time is not a "baseball souvenir" manufactured by

I want to engrave the bat I use. I want to leave a stamp on the bat I was using. In response to the voices of those baseball players, we have begun "name engraving" to engrave the bat we are using!

You can engrave your name, inscription, team name, etc.


Personalized engraved bat ②

"I just attached my name and team name, and I became attached to it, and I valued the tools more than ever." This is the word said by a team manager.

Awareness to be a member of the team. And "name stamp" that has the effect of creating the consciousness of your own bat. Why don't you all engrave your own bat?

⇒For more information on engraved engravings, please visit the website.

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