Baseball Memorabilia - Start preparing graduation and graduation memorabilia |45cm Mini Decabat

Unique shapes that can't be seen elsewhere are popular! The definitive version of the individualist baseball memorabilia

Autumn is getting deeper and deeper. I think this is the best season for practice. And, it is not to feel the time of "graduation and graduate school" which approaches little by little from now on.

Preparation of "baseball memorabilia" that is not in time at the last minute. Every year, there are people who order in the rush, but there are times when it is not possible to manufacture it by the desired date.

So, I think it's good to be prepared from now on. Well, we have continued to introduce baseball memorabilia, the fourth time, that [mini decabat] will appear


45cm Mini Decabat

I will finish it in such a feeling!

45cm Mini Decabat Graduation Group Commemorative (1) 45cm Mini Decabat Graduation Group Commemorative (2)

●Length: 45cm ● Weight: about 1kg

Wooden mini decabutt with a stand

You can stamp up to 70 characters of characters!

★We also have a vanity box!

45cm Mini Decabutwith Vanity Box

How about?

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