Baseball souvenir | Let's begin preparations for graduation, 卒団記念品! | 38cm mini-bat

The preparations for baseball souvenir, 卒団記念品 early!

When a summer sporting event is over, time passes until graduation in no time. I have not yet prepared for any souvenir anymore though it is such a season. . . . There is already little stock, and it is supposed that the remaining time decreases all too soon when I think that I have time still more and begins to prepare in a hurry noisily a case falling into the state that it is difficult to prepare a number every year.

I ask for preparations as soon as possible so that there is not such a thing. Please talk about anything including what is not readily decided!

Then a baseball souvenir to introduce this time is this!


38cm mini-bat

[38cm mini-bat] right"Small bat"The souvenir of the って feeling!

38cm mini-bat 2015①

I choose a favorite layout as from the layout of 10 patterns and can carve a seal by a favorite letter. It is the constant seller popular item which is chosen as a wide visitor among the Little League to a high school student every year.

⇒The detailed information of this product from this!

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