Baseball Monuments and Soapet Monuments | Ready to Prepare Now Baseball Monuments of the Baseball

If you want to give you a different souventry, you can make the original baseball commemorative.

" I will send them to my colleagues who played together on the same team. The entire team will make the same souvenor. If you want to give a variety of memories, it is probably the best way to make a souventh to make a memorial.

The baseball mementos of the Ball Park Dot Com, which were commemorated in the baseball game, were made with "thought." We can form "Omoi" together!

The commemorative items I'd like to introduce this time are the biggest in the Mini Bat.[38cm Commemorative Mini Bat]Yes!


38cm commemorative minivats

Compared to the 5-and 8-centimeter microbats, the presence of the people is quite different.There are many characters that can be engraved, so some people can be engraved with the words you like.

★The layout is formed in the following ways:

38 cm Minivat Sample

★This is a part of the example.

38cm Minivat 2011-1

★The product has a standard acrylcase, but it is also possible to have a cosmetic box.

38 cm MiniBatCase

How did you like it? I think that would be a good way to make it!

For more information on the 38cm commemorative minivat,KochillaFrom here!

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