Baseball memorabilia・degree group souvenir|graduated from the troupe, graduated from the Department to the senior,fellow gift souvenir~wooden ball is very popular.

to the world 1 from baseball memorabilia to make!

Graduated from the troupe, graduated from the Department, to seniors and companions to give as a gift What Would you choose? Give people the feeling is transmitted,a gift of treasure that souvenir. It's not in the world, and 1 souvenir gift from the ball Park in covered. Original mementos can be produced!

Today we introduce to you the souvenir, especially the most popular souvenir[wooden box], thein.


Wooden ball

wooden ball size, the diameter about 60mm. Genuine ball slightly smaller like the size. The bat material is made, and the texture is so smooth in the hand and familiar with.

★Pedestal type

Wooden ball ②

★mini butt pedestal type

wooden ball ③

from? Seen in the photo, so it's not spectacular like. Personally, my most favorite!

[Wooden bowl] of additional information,onlinefrom!

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