Wooden bat|Only one complete order bat in the world ①~JB's complete custom order What is a full order bat?

Welcome to the world of completely bespoke full-order bat!

* What is a complete bespoke full-order bat? ⇒ An order system that allows you to decide all the elements of [bat] such as bat material, length, weight, color, grip end, grip size, balance, and stocking.

Ballpark.com has been manufacturing and selling original bats since its founding, but we have also been very particular about manufacturing custom bats. It has undergone changes and growth, and now we have built three types of custom bat systems and are continuing to make original bats that meet the players' wishes as much as possible.

From this time, I will introduce it in several times,"Completely bespoke full order bat"is. In addition to being able to “decide by yourself” up to the smallest details, it is also possible to trace the bat you are currently using to make a bat of the same type. (Only for rigid type)

Now let's introduce the process of ordering immediately!


What is suitable for bat material?

Strong in resilience and rich in elasticity.

-Tough, durable and light.

Ball Park dot com selected as a material that satisfies this condition,"Blue Tamo"When"North American Maple"There are two types.

"Ao Tamo" (also known as Ash) is the highest quality bat material in Japan. It's reasonably hard, so it's easy to play, and it's reasonably viscous, so it has a "bend". And it is hard to break and light. The characteristics of this material are very well matched to the humid climate of Japan, so many professional baseball players use the "Blue Tamo" bat. Among the blue taros, the "blue taro" that grew up in the eastern and Pacific sides of Hokkaido is said to be the king of bats. The region is extremely cold in winter, but it is surprisingly dry with little snow. This climate created the "King of Bat, Ao Tamo". Although "Ao-Tamo" grows in other areas of Japan, it has a softer characteristic than that in Hokkaido. It has the same flexibility and excellent viscosity. The feel of "Ao Tamobat" also varies depending on where it grows, but it is definitely the "highest quality" as a bat material used in Japan.

It's a bit off topic, but in fact, the one that is mainly used in Major League Baseball is "White Ash" (aka American Ash). It is a kind of duck, but it is a bat that is considerably harder than Japanese blue duck because of the influence of wood grown in the dry area. Former major leaguer Matsui changed the bat from the originally used blue taro to white ash. In the dry climate of North America, "bat bending" cannot be expected. Therefore, by using hard white ash without "warping", it seems that the ball has come to fly with a feeling of "gatsun".

"Maple" is known as maple in Japan. It is a maple tree. It is said to be a material located between white ash and blue taro, especially "North American maple""More flexible than white ash" "Strong and harder to hit than blue taro"It is said that. As it is light and hard to break, it has excellent durability and the hitting surface does not dent too much. Even in the major leagues of the white ash powerhouse, Barry Bonds mass-produced home runs with maple bats, and the popularity of maple bats increased at once. In fact, Matsui later switched from White Ash to "Maple". Many major leaguers now have maple bats.

We briefly introduced the features of "Ao-Tamo" and "North American Maple". Which bat material do you choose?


here,"For hard type" "For soft type"Select which bat to make.


length:Choose from 83 cm to 86 cm (in increments of 0,5 cm)

weight:Choose from 870g to 930g (10g increments)

*It is possible to make the same type of bat using the "bat in use" as a sample. *The specific gravity of each bat is different because it is a natural material. In particular, if you choose a light bat, the bat head may be slightly thinner because it is ground to match the weight of your order. Please note.


here,"Grip shape"When"Thickness of grip"Select.

Other than 20 types of JB models [001] to [020], select from [Same as sample] and [Special order].

★JB model [001] to [020]

★[Same as sample]

It means that it is the same as the grip shape traced by providing the bat in use.

★[Special order] You can decide the size of the following parts by yourself. (free)

・Choose between 23.5 mm and 26 mm (in 5 mm increments). Or select "Same as sample bat"

How was it? Up to here for this time! Next time, we will introduce how to order mainly the design such as the body color and the position of the mark!

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