Baseball memorabilia|graduation! From now on enough time, graduate・degree group souvenir introduction to~85㎝commemorative bat (natural)

authentic baseball memorabilia here!

2 month before. This looked like a shot number of cold periods in the facilities. Then, the Cold time of the [graduation] is not a game.

Series,【graduation】ahead of the players and took care of people to give"baseball memorabilia"we introduce,we introduce to you baseball memorabilia,of memorabilia in the"real"stuff. The actual bat of the same size as the"85㎝commemorative bat"appeared!

85㎝commemorative bat (natural)

ball Park dot com original regular bat【souvenir】from them as is??

85cm regular bat natural ③

< Sample>

85cm regular bat natural ④

  • ・length: 85cm
  • ・weight: 900g
  • ・acrylic bat stand with
  • ・1pcs bar bag with

wedding gifts,tournament memorial such as any special memorabilia to-use product. The actual beat possible rigid for bat,bat material is white ash material. Magnificent corporate gifts as a pleasing process............

※ The actual beat possible material, and memorabilia for you can actually struck your situation. ※50 characters or letters stamped in.

⇒ 85㎝commemorative bat for more information about the ball Park dot com website please.

<Ball Park time:85㎝commemorative bat・natural>

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