Baseball Souvenir|Are you ready? Introducing graduation and graduation souvenirs that are still in time-45cm commemorative bat

Graduation is coming! Are you ready for the baseball memorabilia?

This time when severe cold increases. However, it will be the graduation season after another month. If you hold it slowly, the time will quickly pass and you will not be ready for the baseball memorabilia. .. There is also something.'s baseball memorabilia is an eco-friendly product that uses scrap wood such as broken bats. Each piece is carefully handmade, so it takes about 2 weeks to make. If you place an order as soon as possible, we will ensure that it will be delivered at the desired date and time, so please order early.

By the way, we are introducing "baseball souvenirs" in the series under the title "Still in time for baseball souvenirs", but this time we will introduce "45cm commemorative bat"!


45cm mini deck

It is a very unique item among the Ballpark dot com baseball souvenirs. The 45 cm "slumpy" shape has a very strong presence!

45cm mini deck bat commemoration ① 45cm mini deck bat with cosmetic box

・Length: 45 cm ・Weight: Approx. 1 kg ・Wooden mini deck bat holder included ・Up to 70 characters can be engraved!・It takes about 2 weeks to make 45cm Mini Decabat is a very popular product as a gift for a director or a wedding gift.

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