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A variety of accessories! Baseball souvenir

In the wedding season, this web magazine mainly introduces baseball souvenirs that can be used as a "wedding celebration" in several sessions. Until the last time, we introduced so-called [large items] souvenirs such as gold bats and color bats, but here we will introduce souvenirs of a smaller size rather than such big ones. A variety of accessories are also available, which is a feature of's baseball memorabilia! Let's take a look!

A <38cm mini bat is also a great gift with this feeling! >

Among the small items, the one that is "big" is this [38cm mini bat].

38cm mini butt wedding.jpg

It's a wonderful gift if you put it in a paper box! Here is the introduction!

<5cm mini bat. Various usages! >

The 5cm mini bat is the smallest size of the souvenir at the ball park. Normally, a baseball team is given to a standing player as a graduation or graduation memorial, but there was a person who used it for their own wedding. That person is an active professional baseball player. The idea with my wife was to engrave the name of the person attending the reception on each 5cm mini bat and use it instead of the seat tag.

Baseball memorial mini bat wedding ball park dot com

A mini-bat seat card with your name stamped on it! All attendees must have brought a mini bat back! ! If you devise a baseball souvenir like this, it will be a wonderful souvenir that will impress everyone! For more information on such baseball souvenirs, please visit the website!

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