Baseball souvenir, wedding present, wedding gift | Let's give a baseball souvenir for a celebration! What is a gift left in the ... impression?

I am certainly pleased with a baseball person! It is a baseball souvenir

When I was at a loss what I should give for the wedding ceremony of the person concerned with baseball or the celebration of the sixtieth birthday, I recommend [baseball souvenir]! As for [baseball souvenir] which ball park dot-com prepares it and sells, the kind is rich to be able to put it together in from a big thing to an accessory and the scene that each including the thing with the personality gives it very much.

In the present season when I greeted a marriage season, a lot of one given a baseball souvenir as a wedding present comes. There are a big game, an accessory in various ways, but introduces in [individual] and [I win through up to an impression] a baseball souvenir this time.


A <45cm mini decabat! I am surprised at the shape!>

That there is not the thing which excels you in the personality; it is this drink it, and to be individual [45cm mini decabat].

45cm mini decawedding① 45cm mini decablack wedding②

The presence is distinguished! Because the letter can carve a seal to 70 characters, it is possible even to attach a message!

As for the

In the souvenir of the ball park, it is this to be particularly high in popularity [wooden ball].

Wooden ball wedding①

I am made from bat materials. Approximately 60mm in diameter. Ball in itself can carve a seal to a pedestal (slightly more smallish than the ball of the ※ genuine article), too! Please confirm the detailed information of such a pleasant baseball souvenir on a website of the ball park dot-com!



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