The Sotsudan Kinen, Sotoba Kinen, and Baseball Monuments | Let' s begin preparations! 2

Would you like to have a standard minivat?

The "Mini-Bat" of the ball park is the stationary standard among the baseball commemorative items. It's very popular, it's a very convenient way to do it, it can be tickled, it can be engraved with your favorite words, your friends, your friends, your friends with your friends, and you can send it to a baseball girl as a mini-gift, and you have a lot of different ways to use it! There's a lot of high school students! There's two sizes of '5cm' and '8cm'.

5cm Type

8cm Type

It's small, but it's got a good presence! If you're going to give you a free gift, it's a minivat!

I'm here to order a 5-centimeter minivat order.

I'm here to order an 8-centimeter minivat order.

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