Baseball souvenir, 卒団記念品 | The souvenir is particular about a genuine article, too! I give it an 85cm regular bat as a baseball souvenir!

Baseball souvenir like the baseball person

To 卒団記念品, a baseball souvenir, I want to pursue the feelings as the baseball person. Not the thing which "seems to be really a souvenir"The souvenir of thing No. 1 which wants to give it when a baseball person is particular about [baseball] [regular bat]です.

Usable regular bat, e.g., Maple bat may be given as a souvenir in a game, but it is really a regular bat made for baseball souvenirs that ball park dot-com recommends.

It is the bat which the price is more reasonable than a regular bat for games, and is affordable.

・Although it is made for baseball souvenirs, it is 実打可能.

・In addition, the subject matter is pleased with as a grand souvenir in "white ash" very much.

Then I introduce me at once!

85cm memory regular bat (natural)

・Length: 85cm, weight: I can carve a seal by 900 g, a letter to 50 characters!

An 85cm regular bat is natural③

※A color becomes the whitish photograph with condition per one of light.

★It is an example!

An 85cm regular bat is natural④

★There are an acrylic pedestal and bat bag free!

Bat acrylic pedestal

Bat bag free of charge for commemorative bats


How about? The feeling that a color of white Ashe is natural at all, and is good really knows what is finished when I pick it up and look!

The detailed information of [85cm memory regular bat],Thisから!

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