Baseball memorabilia|wooden ball manufacturing process of a

scraps recycling

our wood balls diameter 60㎜. Rigid ball of diameter 72㎜,blimp ball 72 ~ 65㎜. Ball comparable in size to create more,real close, and why, 60㎜, etc. It,the bat making process to get out in scraps to use from it. From the wooden ball, the bat diameter size close to one.

Ball parks of baseball memorabilia,scraps recycling idea from the start. Bat from the remaining wood waste is burned to CO2 to be free from. Bat as the world did not start and Drive,Mini-bat or wooden ball into,baseball those people involved around you. I think, very nice mood!


Wooden balls of the manufacturing process

here, the wooden ball to complete the manufacturing process of some projects. ※The blade of a machine ball used to set the sphere to it.

wooden ball manufacturing process ①

※ The ends of the prongs cut off,round ball to finish.

wooden ball manufacturing process of a

※ Varnish coating.

wooden ball

Finished,ordering, waiting for the ball's seam,the original stamped as complete. Graduation keepsake to have of the merchandise is.

wooden ball

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