Baseball souvenir | Let's begin preparations for graduation, 卒団記念品! | An 85cm regular bat is natural

It is 実打可能 in being the bat of the souvenir! The appearance of a grand regular bat!

An introduction of baseball souvenir, 卒団記念品. Autumn deepens, but thinks it to be that the preparations for souvenir begin for graduation in earnest soon. The baseball souvenir which I continue introducing in the series.

It is the regular bat which prepared white Ashe into the materials how to introduce this time! Speaking of white Ashe, the feature is that I am very obstinate in a hazel from North America. The hue is natural and is grand and is a very popular product.

Then I introduce me at once!


An 85cm regular bat is natural

It is an original commemorative bat of the ball park dot-com!

An 85cm regular bat is natural① An 85cm regular bat is natural② An 85cm regular bat is natural③

※It seems that hues are different by how to hit lights.

●Length: 85cm

●Weight: 900 g

※Put a wooden bat; with a table

※It is with 1 Motoiri bat bag

※I use the materials which are 実打可能, but, please avoid the use in the actual fighting because you are for souvenirs.

※I can carve a seal by the letter to 50 characters.

⇒The detailed information of this product from this!

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