Baseball souvenir | Let's begin preparations for graduation, 卒団記念品! | 85cm regular bat gold

A commemorative bat of the gold comes up!

A baseball souvenir of the 85cm regular bat size. It is the introduction of the gold bat what this time! The color that is good to a souvenir and the present at a happy seat. It is gold!

At first I attract attention very much! But I do the gold with the article in some way. It is almost always surprised and the given person has a smile of the whole face. It is a baseball souvenir shining in such gold! !


Gold bat of the full-scale 85cm size

I am finished in such a feeling.

85cm wedding gold bat① 85cm wedding gold bat② 85cm wedding gold bat③

●Length: 85cm

●Weight: 1,000 g

※Put a wooden bat; with a table

※It is with 1 Motoiri bat bag

※I can carve a seal by the letter to 50 characters.

⇒The detailed information of this product from this!

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