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Not only graduation souvenirs! How to give a baseball souvenir!

A baseball wedding. What should I give for the celebration? .. Would you like to stick to baseball because you are a baseball player? sells various graduation souvenirs, but in fact, baseball souvenirs are very popular as gifts for wedding celebrations!

Therefore, I think that there are many people who do not know yet, so I would like to introduce "Baseball souvenirs" as wedding gifts / wedding gifts in several times from this time. Here is the souvenir that we will introduce for the first time!


An 85cm gold bat is here!

It is a gorgeous golden bat! ●Length: 85cm ●Weight: 1000g ●Accessories: Wooden bat stand and bat bag for 1 bottle *Please note that this bat cannot be hit actually! !

85cm wedding gold bat ① 85cm wedding gold bat ② 85cm wedding gold bat ③

⇒For more detailed information on this product, check the URL below!

<85cm memorial bat>

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