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I want to get such a baseball memorabilia as a wedding gift!

If you'd like to present something related to baseball as a wedding present, please search for baseball memorabilia from

Baseball memorabilia can be used not only as a graduation anniversary, but also as a gift for various celebrations.

Ball's baseball memorabilia is an eco-friendly product made from the edge of a bat, and I think it's a good product that is happy for baseball people. Well, the baseball memorabilia to introduce this time is here!


Wooden balls are a wedding gift!

★A wooden ball where you can feel the warmth of a tree

Wooden Ball Weddings (1)

Diameter about 60mm. (※It's a little smaller than a real ball))

- Each favorite word on the pedestal and ball, we will stamp the mark.

● I hear an order from one.

⇒For more information on this product, please check the following URL.

Wooden Balls Wedding Gifts

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