Baseball souvenir, gift | I recommend it to a baseball souvenir - wedding present for a wedding gift!⑤

An original baseball souvenir is good to a wedding gift!

There are various wedding gifts. The things which the thing that an expensive thing is luxurious has a big. For the person who got it, all gifts are nice. An above all heartfelt gift!

The wedding gift which ball park dot-com recommends is a thing using the baseball souvenir. The gift that it is pleased to get a person loving baseball by all means. It becomes the only original gift in the world if I devise it!

A gift to introduce this time is this!


Though it is small, I am impressed! 38cm mini-bat

★If open a box; a pretty mini-bat!

38cm mini-bat wedding .jpg

It is small, but, in the presented one, is surely pleased with everybody very much. Though it is a small bat, a carved seal is considered to be it well, and grain of wood is refined. The size that is easy to keep it seems to become the popular reason!

⇒The detailed information of this product is checked than the following URL!

<38cm mini-bat>

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