Select a wooden bat | Learn how your batting is characteristic of you.And I know the characteristics of the butts!

There seems to be a fad of hard bats.

In Japan, high school baseball games are used in gold metal buts. the effect of which is that even after moving into college and social baseball, even after metallic to wooden bat, it is closer to the sensation of the gold butt"Superhard wooden bat."There are many players who want to do this.
Certainly, a rigid bat is a good "kachin" sensation, and I think it can be a kind of metal like a metal.

But wait a minute! Is the use of a super-stiff butt of the epidemic to be suitable for your batting?Would you like to think a little bit?

Select the bat that matches the "climate" of the land where baseball is played!


Japan is proud of the world's "Aodamobat."I would like to explain it in a bit of power.
The 'Aodamo' (also known as Tonerico) was living in a cold, cold-cooled zone at the beginning of Hokkaido's reclamation.The materials'hard', 'tough', 'viscosity and resilient' materialand it is said that they were treasuered as a reclaimed tool.

-No?Aoda-mo? - Oh, 'stiff'?

Aodamo must have been a soft, soft, material quality.

` In fact, 'Aodamo,' the material is different depending on the region you are growing up!]
There are a lot of places throughout the country where a fine duck grows up.The 'Aodamo' as a building material and a high-class furniture material has a soft, sticky, and easy to process quality.
However, if it is a bat material, it will be a little bit different.

The resilience is strong and resilient.
Strong, resilient and lightweight.

The "Aodamo" with these characteristics is the eastern part of Hokkaido.It is a cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, and cold, in the Pacific Ocean. A bat using the "Aodamo," which grew up here, is said to have become the world's proud "Aodamobat".

The Yankees'Ichiro players, the former Yankees' Matsui clan, used to play in Japan when they were playing in Japan. The prevalation of the "Aodamo" is a kind of materialmainstream ' relatively soft 'for thelike the North Sea"Aodamamo, born as the" offer of butts "."even though it's not in Japan, it's the most appropriate place to be in a humid region like Japan.The 'Ichiryu Battwood' is 'Aodamamo' (a potato with a sweet potato)It is a good thing to do.

☆Aodamo Resource Development Society
Aodamo image image

Aodamo is still present in Japan"The King of the Bat,"for theHowever, Aodamo is slow to grow and needs to be "more than 70 years old" in order to become a batting material.The price of a bat is high because the amount of tour is small.I am short of materials before that. In order to increase the number of resources, the "Aodamo Resource Development Society" has been launched, and the Japan Baseball Organization (NES) needs to increase the number of trees in the Aodamo.

White Ash.

Matsui and Ichiro, the "Aoidamo," also decided to change the bat material by playing across the United States.
Why?It has a great effect on the climate.

☆White Ashwood
White Ashwood

The United States, unlike Japan,a rather dry climatefor theIn dry areas, elasticity is reduced in viscous batts, and dry bats are effective.The Matsui and Ichiro players, who felt that the "Odamo" bat would not fit in the United States, were more dry than the Aodamo, and had a reputation for being more firm than the other."White Ash,"and changed to a beat-made bat.

"White Ash,"is a tree called an American cat, which is a common timber in North America. It is no more than Aodamo.However, it is said that he is suitable for hitting strong batters and fast balls, as opposed to the strong batter.a batting material that is easily exerted in dry areasbecause it's cheap,used by many major leaguershave been used.According to Matsui F.C.,"The way to strike a gutzn,"I do not think so. For a strong American pitcher with power and a good set of cusses,The White Ash is better than 'Aodamo,' which doesn't have the effect of 'become' due to the difference in the climate.said the other.
"White Ash," which is said to be firm, is actually quite different from the place where it is growing, as in "Aodamo."

A characteristic of White Ash growing regions.
Ash, who grew up in a low place, is light and soft.
Ash, which grew up in high alley, is hard and rigid.

When I heard the impression of a player who was trying to test the White Ash in Japan,
"Ash is soft at bat."
"It's more rigid than the Aodamo."

he said, with a completely different impression.
"The White Ash," which comes into Japan, is a "ununited hardness".
The problem with "White Ash" is that compared to other butts,It is said that the batting surface is too wide to be peeled off.It is broken by the eye of the tree because it is so flake that it is ripped. Compared to the bats such as maples and ducks, it is less durable, so it's not an economical bat.

Maple Butt.

☆Ball Park Dot Comb Bat
North American Maple Image 2

Barry Bonds, in America, the White Ash,"Maple Butt."With the mass production of homeruns, "Maple" has attracted attention as a batting material.
"Maple" is known in Japan as a maple.Momiji no Mi no Oto It is said to be the middle of White Ash and the Aodamo."It's better than White Ash," he said. "It's more sensic than Aodamo."is said to be the one.
Because it is light and difficult to break, it is more durable and less concave on the surface of the ball. In fact, Matsui will be switching from White Ash to "Maple".
The 'Mapped Bat' of such a 'way, no enemy!' is a problem, but there are problems. When the "becomes" is low, and when it is lost, a strong vibration rang in the hand.I mean, my hand is so fervil-like.
It is stronger and more durable than White Ash, but it is natural to use it as well as bad to use and for the worse to be stored.When broken, they fly from the base to the diagonal, and fly.

Determine your own batting level and features!

Baseball is a sport that uses tools. It is important to know the individuality and characteristics of the bat material and to look for a wooden bat that fits the climate of Japan. Just ...Even if you take a "one-line tool," you don't have to be able to make your own batting technology become a "one-stream". The good and bad of the bat is, of course, a question of whether or not you know "My batting" before that.
Whether it is a large body, a small amount, a batting of power, a batting of a home run, or a long distance hitter or a short distance hitter, is it a big hit? If you don't know what kind of batter you want and what you want to be a batter, you don't get a good batting even if you buy a butt that you buy.
like the Matsui clan or the Ichiro playerBaseball players in 'super-class' are also capable of knowing their own.What is it?
If you are too familiar with the metal bat, and you have too trapped in your senses, you can't batting your personality and character by using your own. To beat with a gatran.To strike with the butt of a bat.To hit the bat with a bat.I think it is very important for baseball players to find the true self and find the best bat, while wearing skills through training.

1. Knows Me
2. Making Objectives (batting style)
3. Conduct batting practices that match your goals.
* 4. Try a variety of batts through practice.
5. Locate the Bat that suits you

In addition, the choice of the bat model is important in building the batting style.The bat model isLength and weight grip shape and onigiri thickness/balance headcutIt is important to create a bat (the original bat) that matches your batting style at each checkpoint, such as a checkpoint.
Go back to the basics, find yourself, explore what you can do for your team, practice your own batting style, try the bat, try the bat, and finally get the best-suited bat that fits you!

What is a JB bat with 20 different types of bats?

Since its founding, the company has continued to produce its own original wooden bat, while still producing its own research and prototypes.
I was able to use it for a team of social baseball teams and college teams, and I had a trial and error, and I was able to get to the team"JB Bat 20 Model"for the

Length, weight, grip shape, onigiri no ta, balance, head cut.have their own characteristics in each"20 models."

You can make just your own bat that matches your physique, skills, and batting style! From the moment you've got the bat that fits your current self, you want to change your goals to yourself and get a better bat in your hands. The Ball Parkdotcom.「20 Model "isI want to be a "milestone" for all baseball players to be able to fulfill their wishes.she said.

For more information on the 20 Model, click the image below!

JB Bat 20 model.

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