Solve the problems related to grab care with [Proteios] treatment

The more you use, the more dirty you use, the more you use it, and the stiffness will disappear. This is because the grab is a leather product, so there is no way to some extent.

but,Grabs can surprisingly familiarize in their hands by giving affection and care, and can enjoy the growth of leather. In addition, the glove lasts a long time by taking care of it correctly.

This time, we have a glove treatment of the company for representative concerns regarding grab care.[Proteios]I will explain the solution using.

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Case: How to deal with grab care

Many people are worried that it is difficult to care for gloves, but there are many people who have the following troubles, especially, and we often receive inquiries from customers. Therefore, I will explain how to deal with it by item.

Case 1: Grab has become heavy

When you care, you may feel, "What? If the glove becomes heavy, it may affect the play, especially for fielder who requires delicate grab handling.

Causes that grabs become heavy

Grabs that cannot breathe tend to be heavy."I can't breathe" refers to a state where pores on the grab surface are blocked.

In many cases, most of the heavy grabs have a stiff oil mass on the surface of the leather so that the dirt on the soil is covered to completely block the pores of the leather.

The same can be said for human skin, but leather with pores cannot breathe.If you can't breathe, the glove becomes heavy, trapping sweat and moisture inside the leather.

How to make the grab lighter?

A major factor in blocking the pores of grab leather lies in the “oily content”. Many commercially available grab oil contains a lot of oil. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to overcoating grab oil, and when applying to a glove, it is necessary to stretch it thinly.

Proteios does not become heavy no matter how much you apply.

We manufacture a glove "Wagyu JB Series" that takes advantage of the excellent characteristics of Japanese black beef leather, but in order to maximize this material characteristics, we will study maintenance over a long time. I have been developing.

What focused on was that about 90%of the cowhide used in the grab was composed of Just as humans take protein, it is necessary to nourish the grab.

Speaking of grab care, it is easy to be trapped in the gloss and appearance of the grab leather surface, but it is more important to see if the nutrition is delivered to the interior of the leather (fiber). The dedicated treatment "Proteios" was born.

Proteios means "protein" and "most important things" in Greek.Contains ingredients derived from protein that is very compatible with materials.It will be. Because it is contained in the balance closest to the oil and water contained in grab leather, the penetration of leather fiber (internal) is very high, and the glove condition can be adjusted from the inside.

moreover,Proteios does not become heavy no matter how much you apply.And it cleans the clogged pores and prepares the leather that can breathe. This makes it possible to grow a grab in a much lighter state without locking the moisture due to sweat or rain inside the leather.

Characteristics of Proteios

Case 2: Grab got wet due to rain

Baseball is a sport with games and practice in the rain. Therefore, it is inevitable that the glove gets wet in the rain. Especially in the practice of the rainy season, it may be a bishobisho.

however,Rain is a natural enemy for gloves.If you don't do the right maintenance when the glove gets wet, the glove will soon be useless.

Reasons why the grab should not be wet

If you leave a wet glove in the rain without removing it out of your bag or bag, the rain component will permeate the leather and deteriorate the leather.

for that reason,The wet glove needs to dry in a shade, but in fact the grabs are brought together when the rainwater soaked in the grab dries, so the grab becomes crispy. The event occurs.

Glabs that are wet in the rain are generally applied to grab oil after drying, but once the oil is removed from the glove, it is extremely difficult to regain the intensity of the grab's original body.

It is ideal to dry the glove with the oil of the grab originally owned by the leather.

Rain in leather is a great enemy

Wet grab maintenance using Proteios

As mentioned above, PROTEIOS has a very high permeability of leather fiber (internal) compared to conventional grab oil. also,It has the effect of removing (volatilizing) unnecessary moisture, so you can dry rainwater while protecting the necessary ingredients (oil).

The following article explains in detail how to maintain the grab wet in the rain, so please refer to it.

As a result of plenty of PROTEIOS (proteis) on a grab that has been drenched by rain, there is an anecdote that "I was able to use it without any problems the next day."

Treatment with grabs

Case 3: Grab has become sticky

An event that happens because you love the grab is that it is a sticky glove due to overcoating of oil.

Some people apply a lot of oil to "grab every day", but grab leather does not require so many oils.Applying more oil more than necessary can cause the grab to become heavy, lost, and sticky.

If the grab catching surface is sticky, it will not only be unpleasant, but will also stick to the ball, which will affect the control. In addition, stickiness can easily get dirt on the grab and ball.

Proteios is not sticky. Easy to clean

Proteios isBecause it does not contain excess oil, the finish after applying is very smooth.

In addition, because it does not contain preservatives or stabilizers, it does not cause rough skin when applied to human skin.

There are highly specialized products such as "for catching the ball" and "back -only" in grab oil.The simplicity of having one Proteios (Protios) is the best for grabs.

PROTEIOS Features: Unfamily

Case 4: The grab has faded

"The color of my beloved order grab has become lighter ... (tears)." This is an event that can occur in any grab.

This is because the current leather dyeing technology cannot prevent 100 % discoloration. Ultraviolet rays and wear will inevitably cause discoloration. As a countermeasure, it is a countermeasure such as not leaving the grab in the sunshine or applying oil.

Oils that darken the glove color are also available, but too much oil on the oil will adversely affect the glove.

Demonstration! Color return effect by Proteios

I used the grabs of customers who are very frequently used, saying "I use it every day" and performed a grab maintenance using Proteios.

First, see the glove before and after using Proteios. As you can seeThe glove before use is completely depletedis. If the glove retention state becomes worse, the grab leather is the original stiffness, which will result in a glove shape collapse.

The moisture was maintained by the permperment of Proteios, and the grab leather returned to the grab leather, and the shape of the glove was restored. It also has the effect of pushing the color that is sleeping inside the leather to the surface, so compared to before use.You can see that the original leather color is back

The more you take care of the glove, the more you will be more attached, and the more you know the characteristics of your glove and how to use it correctly. Also, if a glove with attachment is revived, there will be no such happy thing.

It is well known that Ichiro, who set a number of records in the major leagues, also lacked grab care. As you can see from Ichiro's high defense technology, athletes who take care of tools as well as gloves always appear in a good way.

It is a shortcut that will make baseball better, so be sure to use it carefully!

Before and after photo using Proteios

Proteios (Protios) Single item purchase and grab -type information

If you are worried about grab care, please try using Proteios once using Proteios! It will surely make your grab into the best state.

In addition, we also provide a mold service using Proteios for the characteristics of "rich fat" and "fine fiber" of Wagyu JB Grab. On this occasion,Please experience the familiarity of the glove that sticks to your hand.

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