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There are 20 grip shapes! Custom order bat!

The biggest feature of JB custom order bat is thatGrip shape model is 20That there is also! By preparing 20 types of grip shapes, it is now possible to add more features to each custom order bat model.

Originally manufactured and sold by Ballpark.com, the maple bat was manufactured based on 10 models that were said to be "JB10 model", but then ""Higher quality bats"/"Various choices""JB Custom Order Bat" has been renewed as a production goal! With all these options, you should be able to find a bat model that suits you!

Let's introduce it now! The bats introduced this time are 4 models here!

[013 model: used product number BPM013]

In addition to a sharp body, the thickness of the upper part of the grip is 23 mm. Not only operability but also the shape to accelerate the head speed is not strange. The head is thick overall and designed with good swingability. Recommended for mid-range hitters who want to demonstrate punchy meat power.

[014 model: Part number used BPM014]

The slim body has rounded grip ends and features a shape grip that makes it easy to hold the cock when swinging. Despite the slim body and thick head, the moment the bat is gripped, the bat feels light due to the balance between grip and grip thickness. Recommended for a wide range of spray hitters.

[015 model: Part number used BPM015]

It features a large flare grip that emphasizes bat control. The body balance is well-balanced, the grip is easy to grasp, and it is an all-round shape that can accommodate vertical and horizontal changing balls. Recommended for average hitters with meat power.

[016 model: Part number BPM016 used]

A supple bat with a slender body overall. The grip also has a shape that makes it easy to hold the cock, so it is suitable for batters who want to feel the weight at the head while standing at the bat. Recommended for batters who can respond to changing balls and can perform flexible bat operation.

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