Knocked back with a single click. A new sense of order to knock the bat's introduction! ②

Your knock back can be traced to the new online order system!

From the previous introduction., in the ball Park of knocks back order system! The last to introduce"JB custom orders knocked the bat"is the ball Park criteria for knocking the bat's color and grip shape, changing the original and so on.

We introduce to you, the more their own you can customize the system"completely different note-download knock the bat"in it!

< Custom orders knocked the bat and is the difference between>

the main difference is,"and knock the bat to the sample as a bat,totally the same knock back to make that point. It knocked the bat to the hand, adding weight and length to it.

Also, the ball Park of the standard knock in the bat, based on the weight and length to it. Then custom order the knock back and the same color ring is 16 kinds. The grip shape of the sample back and the same shape including all 3 types. Than the others, knocked the bat to make these. So, without further ADO, let's go!


Completely different note: free knocked bat


of the following 2 types to choose from.

・ Pak×Blue Note ・Pak×Maple

※Pak is the core material,around it to the Blue Note or maple is cover making.

< Length and weight

・length:82㎝~104㎝ or sample bat and the same length

・weight: 500g~600g or sample bat weighs the same as

<a grip shape>

the following 2 types or sample bat the same shape as the

<design patterns>

JB custom orders knocked the bat and the same.

< Color selection>

all 16 kinds!

※ Color place the sample

<Mark design>

<a grip end stamped>

※grip end stamped sample

to you? Highly original"order knock the bat"to try!

⇒ Completely different note-download knock the bat to order from!

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