Boys' baseball, the way to improve batting - let's work on it without hesitation! Bamboo Bat Training (1)

The correct practice of batting?

A child belongs to the boy baseball team. They go out for daily practice, and take their children to the destination of the trip in the practice game. Parents who go out after work or return to their holidays to practice their children. It really makes my head down. I think the happiest moment for parents who are passionate about playing sports is when they see their children playing an active part in the game. For the kids to play in the game, they need to win regular battles within the same team.

My child is so small that he can't.

It is impossible because the physique is only good, and the technology is insufficient.

My child is still inexperienced, so i can't.

There is no kiri to mention the reason why it is not chosen as a regular, but please do not think in such a way. Small body, lack of skill, inexperienced, no! It only represents the current state. Children's growth is immeasurable for adults. Pin something to them! It extends dramatically from the moment it is found to come. The "Pin To have them find out what's comingthere is only the correct practice stacking.This "correctness" is the point. What is the "right practice" that is efficient without waste and that children can understand with their head and body? It is nothing but "bamboo bat training".

First of all, choose the bamboo bat which suits your physique.

I think that the person who understands what bat is a bamboo bat at once is still few. It looks like a normal bat, so i can't imagine it being made of bamboo. Bamboo cannot be formed into a bat because the inside is hollow as it is. First of all, the bamboo is cut out into a thin board, it is hardened, and it is finished into one square material.

This square material is cut out into the shape of a bat.

The bamboo bat which was completed thus has some big features.

Because it is a gotake bat that was made to put together a board, repulsion power is strong.

・When the core of the bat is removed, the repulsion power of the bat becomes "strong numbness" at hand and returns.

⇒ If you don't hit the core of the bat, your hands will be numb and painful, so you'll know right away!

Feels heavier than a metal bat of the same weight (because there is a center of gravity in the head)

・Because the head is heavy, the head does not shake off and the ball does not fly if it does not hit the core.

Strong and hard to break Excellent silenceability

In short, it is an excellent bat which can practice to apply it to "Core of the bat" which is the basis in the base of the batting effectively. It is a feature that is glad that it is strong and lasts a long time. Of course, it is a big premise to treat the bat carefully. Now, the next important thing isChoosing a bat size that fits your children's physique and skills! If you practice with a bamboo bat that is too heavy or too long, you will hurt your body. It is important to choose a bamboo bat that will suit your growth.

There is a table that the ball park dot com makes a guide, so please take a look.

What is it to do after you get a bamboo bat of the right size like this? Continue to next time!

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