Pattern order grab order start

■ What is a pattern order grab?

It is a grab order system that allows you to select your favorite color scheme from the specified grab color scheme pattern.

If you have a "high school baseball compatible color" under the part number, such as "JB004S-00002" below, it will be a color pattern that supports high school baseball rules.


* The pattern image is just an image. Please note that the color may be slightly different in the actual finish.

■ About order method

STEP1. Select the dominant hand in the grab

Step2. Select a grab color scheme

Step3. Select the molding process

Pattern order grab sales start

* Please note that we cannot respond to changes in the order content after the order is confirmed.
* Regarding order products, we cannot respond to cancellations after the order confirmed.
* If you wish to cancel, please note that cancellation fees may be charged according to the production process.

■ About delivery date

In this order system, we will start making after receiving your order, so we have a delivery date for about 60 days.
* Please note that it will be 60 days excluding weekends and holidays.

■ About the difference from order grab

There is no difference between normal order grab and manufacturing quality.

We will order "Zubari" from the color scheme specified in advance, so we plan to guide you at a price that is easy to purchase from regular order grabs.

* Please note that customers who are considering the following will be ordered from the normal order grab site.

■ Specifying various options such as plus and size adjustment
■ Specify coloring and parts other than the color scheme

Click here for order grab


■ About updating pattern images

In the future, we plan to add pattern images regularly. Please look forward to it!

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