Wagyu JB Training Grab [JB-ET]

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Wagyu beef JB Training Grab (JB-ET) is a glove made for catching ball training in the Wagyu JB Grab Series. We recommend using it in knocks and goro catching practice. As with gloves, we are adopting Japanese cowhide, so if you are considering purchasing Wagyu JB Grab in the future, you will feel the creation of Wagyu JB Grab and the compatibility of leather!


It is said that many Syrian players, including professional baseball players, are using training grabs during regular practice to train their defense.

The basics of defense by using a training grabYou can learn "palm catching"Because it is expected.

What is the "palm catching", which is said to be the basis of defense?

In this article, we will introduce the training gear "Training Grab (JB-ET)" to acquire the basis of the "palm catch"!

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Hand catching ball""


The basis of how to use the grab is to catch the ball with the palm.

It hurts when you catch the ball with your palm (^^;

Then, I will explain why it is important to catch the ball with the palm of your hand.

There are three reasons.

  1. You can change the ball quickly and connect to the accurate throwing.
  2. Because it can catch the ball in the body, it leads to a powerful throwing.
  3. The ball does not play in the grab and you can grab it, so you can change the accurate ball.

Three points are important to catch palms.

To explain in more detail, catching a ball with the palm of the hand will make the ball change when changing from the ball to the throwing will be smooth, improving the stability of the throwing ball. In addition, the palm of the grab's hand is the best part for grabbing the ball, so you can reliably stop the ball momentum when catching.

From the above, by acquiring "palm catching"ReplacementYou can see that you can improve your skills.

"Capture" and "throw" spin separately“Replacement when catching”

Confirm one outTo actually take itNo matter how high the technology of "catching" and "throwing" alone is high, it is an operation to quickly and reliably link the two plays. That is,ReplacementThe improvement of the movement is a very large key.



“Hands catching ball”If the replacement improves by wearing, don't you think the training grab is incredibly competent?

Next, let's take a look at how to use the training grab that allows you to catch your palm.


Training grab (JB-ET) with the feeling of catching the ball with the palm of your hand

It is a catching surface of the training grab (JB-ET).

Compared to a normal grab, it is characterized by a shorter finger length and web and shallow pockets.

If it is a normal grab, the length of the finger and the web is long, so even if you stretch your hand, you can catch a single catch, but in the case of training grab (JB-ET), go to the front of the ball. You can not catch the ball near the body and the grab's palm.

"Difficult to catch" is the true value of this training grab.

If it is a normal grab, you can basically catch the ball even if you process a hit ball in a place other than the palm catching pocket.

However, in the case of training grabs, there is one place where you can catch the ball. Only the catch pocket of the palm of the grab's hand.

If you can only catch the ball there, you will naturally catch the ball in the palm pocket and wear a normal grab, so that you will catch the body as if catching it in your palm pocket. It is designed to go.


The training grab (JB-ET) should be used after molding

"Difficult to catch" is the true value of this training grab.As I introduced earlier, the training grab (JB-ET) is a click like a normal grab in a new state, soI can almost catch the ball

We recommend that you use it after softening.

Because the training grab (JB-ET)"It is difficult to catch the ball, but you can catch the ball to the front of the ball, hit the ball in the palm of the grab, and hit the ball."That is the biggest advantage of using it.

It's hard to catch,Feeling that you can get if you are consciousIs important.


Therefore, it is not very effective to use it in a state where the ball is almost impossible.

It is difficult to catch, but if you are conscious, you will definitely catch it.

Practice repeatedly until consciousness changes unconsciously.

After this repetition, you will learn how to use the correct grab (palm catch).

From the above, I would like to practice more quality using the training grab (JB-ET). If you thinkUse the training grab after molding!

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