Repair Grab Repair, Spike Repair | Let' s use the repair shop for off-season!

I want to do it at the moment, repairing the baseball gear!

I'm going to fix the grab and spikes that I usually take care of when I'm off-season.
A repair shop is available in the Ball Park Dot Com.Grab and spikes that are purchased at other stores will be repaired.

We will fully support the maintenance of baseball equipment, including the shape of the grab (team, hot water), string exchange, broken repair, spikes, P-processing, and so on.

Grab Repair.
Brewing is a sewing machine.
The broken part is processed with a sewing machine.In particular, the supply side is often scraped with leather, so leather is often used to sew the leather sewing.
"Thickness" is used to prioritat and process "thickening" with extreme caution, so that it does not feel uncomfortable with the reinforcement.

Mente the tools while making lively lips
An attack grease (special oil) is applied to the inside of the grab mitt.In addition to repairs and repairs, as well as repair of the attachment grains, we have also been able to repair the repairs.

You can choose the thickness of the grab laces. There is a customer who says, "If you change the grab, the type will be broken, so please use the lace today."We will also adjust the thickness of the strings for such a customer.

Spike repairs.
Seam P-processing
The sewing P is a piece of leather that is made of spikes, which is stitched and supplemented by the skin that is easily damaged. The size of the spikes and the manufacturer's forums are different.We are aware of this difference, and our staff will run the needle. Even the beauty of the formos of the sewing P, which comes out of this handmade hand, is also a fit.

Endurance-up with cobugane population
The ruggedized covagane is used to increase the durability of the covagane. The toe of spikes that are not limited to pitching, but in batting, defense, and base runner-time, and which are the toes of the spike that is under intense pressure.So it's augmented with a covagine.

Uchiming P
It is a reinforced material made of urethane that is attached to the toe.It's tough and cheap, so it's handicap.Secure the nail politely from the other side of the spikes.

If you are in trouble with spikes repair or maintenance, please contact us in a more thougless manner.
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