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Please leave us spike repair and processing!

Ballpark dot com repair workshop.

Following the introduction of grab repair, this timeSpike repair/processingI would like to introduce you!



◆Processing P


Sewing P is to sew leather sewn into spikes to reinforce the easily damaged surface. The toe shape differs depending on the size of the spike and the manufacturer. Our staff runs the needle of the sewing machine while sensing this difference. A fit is born from the beauty of the form of the sewing P created from this handmade product.

◆Durability is improved by wearing Kobane


By attaching Kogagane, the durability will be improved. Not only at the time of pitching, but at every point of batting, defense, and base running. Therefore, I will reinforce with Kobane.

◆ Strike P processing


Urethane reinforcement material to be worn on the toes. It's durable and cheap, so it's easy. Carefully fix it with a nail from the back side of the spike. These processings can be optionally added when purchasing spikes on the website. In addition to processingTear repairWe also carry out maintenance, etc., so if you have any problems with spike repair or maintenance, please feel free to contact us.

◆Price list

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