Shonen baseball | Training method using a bamboo bat-Turn and impact

Last review! Check your batting form!

This time, in the image belowExamples ②, ④, ⑥If your form applies to, we will introduce the correction and training method.

To correct the cases ②, ④ and ⑥, use a bat that is lighter and shorter than usual.
First,"turn"Let's see!

Learn how to turn your body with a short bat

A bat that is shorter and lighter than the one you normally use can swing the bat while checking the turn of the body. The point is that from the beginning of swinging the bat to the moment of impact, and until swinging out, "the wrist turn and the body turn are linked". Check it out in the image below.

★I divided the parts that are interlocked.

*Notes on linking wrist turn and body turn

next"Impact"Let's see.

Check the impact point with a short bat

When practicing a swing that considers wrist turn and body turn,Five points at the moment of impactCheck it out as well!

<5 check points>
① Point check of out-course ball
② Point check of the ball in the middle
③ Point check of in-course ball
④ Check the orientation of your body during the wrist turn
⑤ Check if the wrist turn and body turn are linked

(Good example)

(bad example)

⇒The "short bamboo bat" is effective for checking turns and impacts! Click here for details!
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