Batting remodeling plan / Aiming for ideal batting! ~ ①

Let's work on the batting modification!

This year's goal as a baseball player I want to do this and that! That's right. I think many people are in trouble because there are too many things. However, if you do both of these things at the same time, you will be worried and stress will be added, and it will not last long. Don't be greedy here, let's steadily step up! So the first web magazine this year is"Batting remodeling"I would like to focus on. What kind of batting is ideal? It depends on the age, physique, experience, etc., but I think that the training to approach the ideal batting has a lot in common. Bamboo bat training recommended by is a training that anyone can work on regardless of generation or experience. Starting from this time, we will introduce the training method in two parts, titled "Batting Remodeling Plan"! First this!

One-handed bat

I think that many people have seen the image of tea batting with one hand in the practice scene of a professional baseball player. By training with a one-handed bat,"Role sharing of puller and pusher",Also"How to use each shoulder, armpit, arm, elbow, wrist",vice versa,"When are your shoulders, your sides, your arms, your elbows, your wrists doing bad things and ruining your bat control?"You can learn the technique while thinking about things such as. As a bat for such one-handed training,Short batrecommend! One-handed short bat
[One-handed training is recommended for people with this awareness! ]
・I want to acquire an ideal swing ・I want to correct the hitting method that gets caught ・I want to acquire an inside-out swing ・I want to acquire correct bat control (orbit) ・I want to improve the door swing ・A series of upper body flow , I want to master how to use it ・I want to gain the feeling of a pusher that pushes the ball in ・I want to hit a strong ball in the opposite direction So why don't you join us in this training? ⇒ For more information on one-handed training, please visit the website!
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