Shonen Baseball, Baseball Graduation Souvenir|Perfect for graduation and graduation commemoration! Definitive edition of baseball graduation memorabilia [wooden ball]

Items to be pushed to commemorate the graduation and graduation of youth baseball-Part 3

A perfect baseball souvenir for graduation and graduation. The third item to push is"Wooden ball"is!

The texture of wood is the best! Wooden ball

Graduation Memorial Baseball Souvenir Wooden Ball Ball Park Dot Com Wooden balls are eco-friendly products made from bat ends such as broken bats. So the diameter is 60mm, which is almost the same as the diameter of the hard bat. It fits in your hand. In addition to marking the ball itself, it can also be stamped on the pedestal and tripod. The grip is very good and the grain is beautiful. There is moist and smooth. If you're there, you'll definitely want to pick it up! It is one of our big hit products! ⇒For more information about wooden balls, check the website of!
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