Training Bat, Bamboo Bat|What is 90cm training bamboo bat, which is highly acclaimed by professionals?

Long and lightweight is good for swing practice!'s original training bat. The 90cm training bamboo bat is especially recommended. The feature is that it is made to be lightweight in order to give the body a sense of speed.

A 90cm long swing speed enhanced bat that can swing even elementary and junior high school students! If you are a high school student, a college student, or a member of society, it is ideal as a swing bat for training that aims to improve your body's sharpness and speed.

-Since the weight of the bat is light, the swing speed will be faster. (The effect of improving the swing speed by the muscles remembering the fastest swing is also proven in sports medicine.)

-Because the bat has a thin diameter, it can also be used for practicing bunts.  

Finally, one of the shops that sells this 90cm training bamboo bat is in Toda City, Saitama Prefecture.

"Rokuhachi Baseball Workshop"

The owner is Mr. Yasuhiro Usami, a former Yakult Swallows. We sell our training bamboo bats. According to President Usami, this 90cm training bamboo bat is very popular. I'm happy.

And, "Rokuhachi Baseball Workshop" is a big Yakult senior."Mr. Shinya Miyamoto"Is often visited, but Mr. Miyamoto praised this 90cm training bamboo bat directly! I'm very impressed! The pattern at that time was posted on Rokuhachi Baseball Factory FB on May 13th.

FB of Rokuhachi Baseball Studio is here!

It is also posted on Mr. Miyamoto's official blog!

Click here for Shinya Miyamoto's official blog!

The "90cm training bamboo bat" recognized by two former professional baseball players. Please try incorporating it in your daily practice.

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