Wagyu beef glove|Wagyu beef JB grab with a hot topic is released to the public ① For infielders

We will introduce the Wagyu JB grab in detail for each product!

Wagyu JB glove has grown to be loved by many baseball players. The candid impression using Wagyu JB grab is

・It's light!
・It fits nicely in your hand!
・I feel like the ball is sticking!
・The sound when catching is very good!

We are happy to hear from everyone! Sold out at stores! Some items on the Ballpark.com website are also sold out. In this web magazine, I would like to introduce the Japanese beef JB grab, which is such a hot topic, in detail.

This time, the glove I will introduce is here!

Wagyu JB grab/JB-004 for infielder

For second basemanIt is a model designed for. The pockets have a shallow design, which is ideal for quick grip changes and speedy cooperative play. The lightweight design with a small center of gravity at the center of the hand gives it a great fit and excellent operability, making it easy to grab toss. The mold is vertical and horizontal.


Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather
■Size: 10.8 inches (27.5cm) *Size is a guide.
■Body color: Orange/Power orange/Black
■Mouton color: Black
■Mark color:
Orange: Gold x Black
Power Orange: Gold x Black
Black: silver x gold
■ Core Toji: Double horizontal Toji
■ Tentative race: Reverse winding
■For right throw
■With glove bag
Grab & Multi Bag

■Made in Japan *Hard type

¥53,900 (tax included) About a week

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