Wagyu glove|Wagyu beef JB grab with a hot topic is released to the public ⑦ For pitchers

There are two types of wagyu JB glove pitchers!

Wagyu JB grab & mitt lineup is 10 types in all. Among them, there are two types for pitchers."For vertical"When"For stealing"is.

To explain the difference briefly,The "portrait" has deep pockets that close the glove with the feeling of pinching it with your thumb and little finger. It is suitable for pitchers who do not grip the grab strongly when throwing, and is designed to suit over-throw pitchers.

on the other handThe "horizontal" type has a shallower pocket than the "vertical type", and it closes the glove as if it were sandwiched between your thumb and forefinger. It is suitable for pitchers who grip the grab strongly when pitching, and is designed to suit pitchers with a changing ball center and skill.

Last time, we introduced "for vertical taking". This time is for "takeover"!

Wagyu JB Grab/JB-001Y for pitchers (for stealing)

Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Size: 11.6 inches (29.5cm) *Size is a guide.
■Body color: Orange/Power orange/Black Range
*You can choose the web.
■Mouton color: Black
■Mark color:
Orange: Gold x Black
Power orange: Gold x black
Black: Gold x red
■ Core Toji: Double horizontal Toji
■ Tentative race: Regular winding
■For right throw, left throw
■With glove bag
¥53,900 (tax included) About a week
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⇒ Click here for details on glove for pitcher "for vertical use"!
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