Wagyu Grab - Finally On Sale Wagyu JB Grab Mitt! (2) - Features

What kind of grab is Wagyu JB Grab?

Wagyu JB Grab Mitt was released on February 1, and sales began at special tycoon stores nationwide. We have already placed an order from a prototype.

"It has a good reputation. We have also heard that voice. As long as I'm really happy!

Well, the upbringing of Wagyu JB Grab Mitt, i introduced in the previous web magazine, but this time, I will introduce the features.


Features of Wagyu Beef

(1) Light weight

The high technology of "lick processing" and "assembly" makes it lighter and more fit than the glove mitt of imported leather.

(2) It is hard to break the mold.

Imported leather tends to take a long time to transport, and the fiber of leather collapses during transportation, and it becomes hard. In that regard, Wagyu JB Grab does everything from the procurement of cow hide to the assembly in Japan. As a result, the fiber of cowhide was kept, and it finished it in the glove mitt which was hard to break out of the mold.

(3) Supple stickiness

By performing all the assembly of "lick processing" and one craftsman who dares to leave the fat content, we realize the improvement of the strength and durability. It became a soft, supple glove mitt.

(4) Light makeup

Grabs that have been put in the color many times in "to hide the scratches and wrinkles of the grab" and "to improve the color luster" are in circulation, but the Wagyu JB Grab Mitt does not enter much because it is processed that leaves the fat. It is in good condition for returning leather.

The reason is that leather becomes hard when the pigment is put many times, and it becomes a cause of the slip. Wagyu JB Grab Mitt is finished with minimal "light makeup". Therefore, it is a proof that it is more natural though some darkening might remain.

It was a feature of Wagyu JB Grab Mitt! Next time, I will introduce the Wagyu JB Grab Mitt in detail one by one.

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