For the improvement of baseball, wooden bat and bamboo bat is recommended! What is the difference between a metal bat?

Core of metal bat and metal bat core

I think that the use of a metal bat started in high school baseball in around 1950. Of course, it was not the purpose of the wooden bat to be able to relieve the economic burden because of the problem of durability and the way of hitting, and it is naturally broken.

The metal butt is about three times as large as the core of the wooden bat, but the size of the core is about three times as large as possible.

Speaking, I think that it is the feeling of playing the ball. The wooden butt is different from the metal bat, it doesn't hit the core, and it doesn't fly far unless it is a power batter.

Meat spot

And to fly far away, the feeling of carrying a ball on the bat, not the feeling of playing a metal bat. ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` And finally, the return of the wrist is important.

It is said that the knock practice is good for the practice to fly far away. It seems to be able to learn how to hit a ball far away by flying to the distance by the knock.

If you hit a hard ball with a wooden bat, you know that the ball doesn't hit the core of the bat. When touching the core of the bat, the feeling of the hand remains very comfortably.
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The baseball player was also a metal bat before. It is said that the player who joined the professional baseball from the time when the metal bat was used was difficult to cope with the wooden bat from the metal bat. In addition, Cuba's national team also won the world championship in an unbeatable team in the metal bat era. However, since it became a wooden bat, it became easy to win. At this point, the wooden butt is not only power, but it can be difficult to operate the wooden bat. It is said that the high school baseball's strong school is batting with the wooden bat, especially the bamboo bat. Then, it is clear that the speed of the swing and the meat power etc.are improved when I change it to a metal bat. In spite of soft baseball and hard baseball, it is not possible to use the wooden bat in practice from the boy's baseball age. Especially, the bamboo butt is strong and hard to break in the wooden bat, and the sound is quiet than other wooden bats, so it is suitable for usual practice. Moreover, it is a bat with excellent cost performance because it is reasonable price.

Choose a bat that fits your body size!

It is also important to choose a bat that fits your body size. Baseball is not fun even if you swing a bat that doesn't fit in size.

If you enjoy baseball, you want to practice. Practice makes baseball good. When baseball becomes good, I want to practice more and more. And I'll love more baseball!

In the ball park dot com, there are 12 sizes of bamboo bats according to their physique so that they can be used from elementary school to lower grades.

You should always find a bat that fits your size. Practice with the perfect bat for yourself and be more like baseball!

If you want more information about the boy's bamboo bat, please visit the ball park dot com's website "boy's bamboo bat".

Ball park dot com boy's bamboo bat

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