A new product has appeared in Wagyu JB! ~What is the recommended product for grab typing?

A leather ball that is ideal for shaping Wagyu JB gloves

Wagyu JB grab. As always, we have received orders from many baseball players.
Currently, some items are out of stock, but we are now putting all our efforts into production. please wait for a moment.
The "Wagyu JB Type Ball" made from the leather of that Wagyu JB glove is a new product introduced this time!

Made with the same leather as the Wagyu JB glove, this typed ball has the same size and weight as a standard hardball.2 times!
Made from the same leather as the Wagyu JB glove, the natural compatibility is outstanding!
You can firmly make a pocket by catching it while hitting the place you want to make a pocket.

It's twice as heavy, so you can use it as a list-strengthening training!

Weight: around 280g
Material: Cowhide
Body color (embroidery/thread color)
・Black (red)
・Orange (black)
・Red orange (black)

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