Wagyu JB and JB bat also go to the best 8 stage ~ Miyazaki Sankei University makes a breakthrough! All Nippon University Baseball Championship

Despite the first appearance, advance to the best 8

Miyazaki Sangyo University of Management has made it to the Top 8 in the 67th All-Japan University Baseball Championship, even though it made its first appearance! ! The ace at Miyazaki Sangyo University of Management is Takeshi Sugio (3rd year student) from Miyazaki Nihon University.

Miyazaki's favorite pitcher, Sugio, uses Japanese beef JB glove made by Ballpark.com.

He showed WAGJU JB at the ball park on the stage nationwide, and he stayed in the best 8 as well. Then, jump out to the home run for the second consecutive game with the JB custom order bat at the ball park!

I have nothing to say! I am very grateful!

The quarterfinals will be at the Jingu Stadium on the 4th match on the 14th. The other party is Kyushu Univ. Hang in there! Miyazaki Sangyo University of Management! !

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