Wagyu grab~the only one in Japan・wagyu JB grab ~ column ② using the specific leather of the production area

Back-to-back All-Star Games

Grab using"origin specific leather" with no other company(Wagyu JB grab)"Make it!"

The goal was set about 5 years ago.From there it was long.Yamauchi said.

Even if it says that it sticks to Miyazaki production from the skin, there is no point in the state.The company has been busy with its original training bamboo bats and maple bats since the company began making and selling maple bats.

The local Miyazaki professional baseball team was entrusted with the management of the camp, so it was necessary to focus on the development of "ground keepers" to carry out ground maintenance.All the staff, including Mr. Yamauchi, were running around every day.The concept of"Wagyu JB Grab" is shelved.I couldn't do anything, my mind was just too busy and time just went by.

But a big turning point came."Tokyo six University baseball All-Star Game」It was decided that the event will be held in Miyazaki in 2017/8, and Mr. Yamauchi, the OB of the meidai baseball club, will serve as the Secretary General of the tournament.

"I want to give souvenirs of products from Miyazaki Prefecture to athletes」 It was such a thought overflowing, and it had been shelved"Japanese beef JB grab"」The company has made the decision to start a production project in earnest.The company was as busy as ever, but the reality that there was only 2 years to be allowed before the Grab was completed pushed Mr. Yamauchi's back greatly.

The skin of Japanese black beef produced in Miyazaki becomes the highest grade of"Japanese beef leather"

The day began to search for the supplier of cowhide. He used all sorts of tricks.

I went to the prefectural office many times.He then bought only the"sticky, castrated bull skin"from a dealer who found it.

We have arrived at Saitama Prefecture, one of the leading leather tanning companies in Japan, which has received orders from major manufacturers.I brought in the skin of the purchased Miyazaki beef, and asked for tanning processing.The skin of the Miyazaki beef was wonderful, and it paid off, and it was decided to accept the processing.

With the high technology of the processing company, it became possible to make the most of the goodness of Miyazaki's Black Wagyu skin.In general, fat is removed when processing the skin,but in order to retain the original softness of Wagyu, the process was done with remaining fat intentionally.By containing fat, it was possible to finish the thick and supple"leather".Also, the cortex was good, and it was finished with a fine-grained smooth "leather texture".

In this way, the Japanese black leather produced in Miyazaki was reborn as the finest Japanese leather.


"Material, processing, assembly" I want to do it all in "the best of the best"

The Japanese company's Wagyu grub Production Project at Ball Park dot-com.Leave it to the assembly.

We asked a dealer in Nara Prefecture, where the leather industry is thriving, to assemble the grab.It is a company with a reputation for high craftsmanship. "If you do it, I want to do everything in Japan」 It's like, ' Oh my God.'"Japanese beef JB grab"」It was completed just before the All-Star Game of baseball at Tokyo six university. This year, at the National Wagyu capacity joint promotion meeting held for the first time in 5 years, Miyazaki beef achieved the first ever 3 consecutive wins and won the Prime Minister's award, also served me a big flower grab completion.


It was presented at Tokyo rikudai Baseball All-Star Game"Japanese beef JB grab"」

The Tokyo six college baseball All-Star Game is an exhibition match organized by a mixed team of active players selected from the Tokyo six University baseball federation.In the most recent Spring League season, each team ranked 1st, 4th, 5th in the ranking of each team to organize 1 team, select members from each team ranked 2nd, 3rd, 6th in the group to play against 1 team.

The selection of players will take place after the end of the Spring League season, and coaches and 7-8 players from each team will be selected.

2017 8-26, the All-Star game was held at the Ivy Stadium in the city of Miyazaki ikume-no-Mori Sports Park.The selected members were divided into SUN Phoenix (Rikkyo, Waseda, Meiji) and OCEAN bougainvillea (Hosei, Keio, Tokyo).

Start the game at the first ball ceremony of the governor of Kawano Miyazaki prefecture!The University's cheerleaders and cheerleaders also rushed to the stands and continued to cheer enthusiastically.When a brass band of local Miyazaki high school students played the songs and school songs of each school, it became the atmosphere of the Jingu ballpark itself and greatly pleased the fans who came to support the stand.

OCEAN bougainvillea, who had a 4-point lead in the first half, led the SUN Phoenix to an 11-6 victory in the second half.

In the welcome reception seats that took place after the game、"Japanese beef JB grab"」It was the first time in his career that he had won a major.It was presented to each team as a souvenir.

When I handed over a grab with the university name embroidered, I was praised by the coach and the players as " very good leather."And Yamauchi said joyfully. Actually sent a souvenir"Japanese beef JB grab"」That's it.

Waseda University

慶 Keio University>

明治 Meiji University>

< Hosei University>

< Rikkyo University>

The University of Tokyo

Next to the world of professional baseball!

Yamauchi's next goal is " I would like Japanese professional baseball players to use it.And finally, I would like to offer it to the major leaguers of the United States!"Through the acquaintance, I handed it to an American major league bullpen catcher," he said.It seems that other players who saw it actually used the Wagyu JB grab to fit it, and they liked it very much, so they received an offer of"I can not use it in the game right now because of contracts with other companies, but I want to use it in practice for the time being."

The Japanese professional baseball player who visited Miyazaki in the Phoenix league also used it to try, it was very high evaluation. The prototype was sold out quickly after being picked up by the media.

Currently, it has been tested by Major League Baseball and professional baseball officials in Japan as a monitor, and it has a very good reputation. "Based on the opinions of various quarters, we will make final adjustments to Japanese beef JB leather, and we are planning on full-scale sales in Spring 2018.The game is now!"The challenge for Mr. Yamauchi continues.

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