Let's cultivate bat materials and resources! ~Aodamo Resource Development Meeting

Aodamo resources

By the way, if you play baseball, you may have heard about it once, but do you know "Aodamo no Ki"? Many baseball players may want to try using the Aoda Mobat once.

"Aodamo" is a hard hardwood suitable for bat wood that lives in Japan. (Also known as ash) It's very good quality, but the number has decreased dramatically in recent years, and it takes 60 to 70 years to grow, so it is not easily available in the general market.

While such precious Ao Damo has been drastically reduced in recent years, there is an organization that wants to develop it for future baseball. This is the "Aodamo Resource Development Group".

http://www.aodamo.net/ Ballpark.com actively participates in this activity. And the customers who use Ballpark.com also participate.

Although a small activity, we donate a portion of the sales of the souvenir mini bat to the organization every year. Since the wonderful sport of baseball will continue 100 or 200 years into the future, I plan to use the bat scrap products such as the mini bat and take part in training.


Efforts of Aodamo Resource Development Group

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